Webtanium provides full Internet Presence Management services to our clients.  Our experts can help you every step of the way to establish, improve, or promote your Internet brand.

Hosting Consultation:

The right hosting provider and package are the foundation of your Internet presence.  Our consultants will evaluate the needs of your business compared with your existing host or help you choose a host and hosting package that best meets your needs. 

Technology Consultation:

Choosing the right technology for your business is key.  HTML, Joomla, WorPress, Drupal, Plone; which is the right fit for you?  Your needs are unique and selecting the best technology to  bring your business growth and enhance the client experience is the primary task of our consultants.


Website Development:

Once the hosting and technology choices are made, it will be time for our developers to create a website that compliments your brand and communicates the value of your goods or services with a user experience that brings your clients back time and again.

Internet Promotion Management:

Without promotion your clients can’t find you.  Our Internet Promotion Managers provides as much assistance as your organization need.  From guidance to fully managing your Internet ad presence, we have you covered.

Social Media Management:

If you aren’t social, few will notice you.  Learn to manage your social presence to maximize what’s important to your business, or let our Social Media Managers.  Sales, leads, or brand awareness are typical goals that can be achieved through a proper social media plan.